About Us

We are a team of driven individuals who are passionate about helping online businesses grow their conversions rates by using the power of social proof.


Social Proof is the reason we go to the restaurant that's packed and there's a 30 minute waitlist to get a seat instead of going to the empty restaurant next door.  Why people stand 2-3 hours in line to get the latest new phone instead of last year's model.  Social proof is why we attend the event our friends are going to over an event they are not.

You can apply this concept to your online marketplace, to help motivate customers to make purchases. When you use apps and tools to show that other shoppers are also looking at similar items and making purchases, it raises your social proof. It will inspire trust in your customers and give them the confidence to buy from your brand. 

This is what SaleHelpr is focused on, raising your conversion rates and click-through purchases. Using this psychological phenomenon, we have developed tools to help your brand improve its social standing. 

With the SaleHelpr Notifications, your customers will be in-the-know of what other shoppers are doing on your site. Whether it's leaving reviews, looking at similar products, or making purchases, they will be kept informed with different pop-ups. 

As they watch other shoppers picking up items, adding them to their carts, and checking out, it will inspire in them the trust to shop from your store. You will end up getting better conversion rates, more purchases, and a larger following of dedicated customers. You will also be able to learn more about your brand and website, through the data that is collected, and make more informed marketing choices.


From day 1, our objective has been to help businesses increase their social proof to grow a loyal customer base. Allow us to help you improve sales, increase conversion rates, and give your shoppers an experience that will inspire the confidence to stay with your brand for a long time.